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Ebony is a full time student at NMSU and also works at Hooters in Las Cruces. You'll see more of Ebony soon

since she's featured in the 2008 national Hooters Calendar, 2008 El Paso Calendar Girls, and
Ebony Facts:
Resides: Las Cruces
Favorite Car? Toyota Celica
Fav Food? Chicken Tacos
Boyfriend? Yep.

(don't get you had a chance anyway)


The 2008 El Paso Calendar Girls is looking for
• Ladies to try out for the 2008 calendar
• Sponsors to advertise in the 2008 calendar

The 2007 Calender was a big success and there are still a few spots left to get your business on the calender.

for more information contact
Email : El Paso Calender Girl Information